Thursday, May 27, 2010

Remember Memorial Day

This long weekend while you are camping, or BBQing, or on the river, or whatever your plans are, please take a moment to remind yourselves and your children the reason we have Monday off.  We Americans are so blessed, and we owe so much to those that have (and continue to) selflessly defended our freedom and sacrifice so much on all our behalfs.

Here’s to those who paid the price
And stood atop the wall,
Who didn’t call it sacrifice,
But duty to a call.

Beyond our power to add, detract,
Or honor with parade,
Or praise with words all copper-plaqued,
In public squares displayed,

They held the line, they took the brunt
Directed at our flank.
From general to lowly grunt
Now “hero” is their rank.

For some – unknown – the laurel wreaths
Must rest on unnamed graves.
For others still, their God bequeaths
No slabs or architraves.

For other heroes, living hearts
Still speak aloud their name.
Their daughters, sons, and better-parts –
To memories lay claim.

Some met the foe with angry eye;
Some trembled at the fray;
Some grieved for wife and family;
Some paused to kneel and pray.

Yet, as their hour approached its mark
And minutes became rare,
All gazed into the dreaded dark,
And stood – where we weren’t – there.

We praise with words their bravery,
Their steadfast soldiers’ hands,
That shielded us from slavery
And wrack from foreign lands.

Now pause awhile, and think on them.
Let recollection stir
To memory, through this artless hymn,
Of those and who they were.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Camera Monopolized

I went to visit my sister this weekend in Vancouver/Portland.  She had a football game.  She plays for the Portland Shockwave women's football team. It was fun to watch and I had a great time with my sister and her family. I took some pictures of the game and the family. I really did! You wouldn't know it though because there was one little person that was in 50% 60% 72% of the pictures I took.

That little person would be my niece.  
As I've mentioned once or twice, I have a weekness for small children. It may be bordering on a problem, but can you blame me? Besides, that dress was way too cute not to take pictures of, plus, it was a present from me. 
I woke up to this little ray of sunshine on Saturday morning. She was standing at the edge of my mattress in that adorable dress greeting me when I opened my eyes. Except she was smiling.  I'm not sure what this expression was all about.
Just look at that smile!!!
And see... I got some pictures at the game.
This must count for something.
On Sunday before I left we put another cute dress on her and took about 15 minutes to try and get some portrait-worthy pictures. She was pretty stingy with her smiles though. It was a tough crowd!

I hope you had as good of a weekend as I did!

Remember Your Blessings!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In It to Win It!

The little guy is in soccer this season. Boy does he love it! There's a lot of action so he doesn't have time to get into trouble... much. He's agressive on the field so there have been two incidents, but overall he's been really great. He's picked up the idea of soccer very quickly and he is pretty good at dribbling the ball. If they kept score his team, the Banana Peel Dragon Tamers, would be undefeated.

He doesn't do this as much now, but at the beginning of the season all he would do is fall down. Over and over again.  He would lay there and wait for the coach to come over and help him up.  It was pretty funny. Now he dives and falls out of bounds when the ball rolls out of bounds.  I don't understand it, but it sure make us laugh!

Here's a few action shots for you.
Check out the intensity! I'd be scared to stand in his way.
He's not afraid to get in there and go after the ball either.
Of course the whole point is to score goals.
We're nearing the end of the micro soccer season now.  Next... t-ball.

Remember your blessings!