Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Side Table Turned Ottoman

Today I turned this $5 thrift store side table...

into this lovely tufted ottoman!

Instead of spending $10-$15/yd on foam for the cushion I found this couch cushion for $1 at the thrift store. Yes, at a single couch cushion. You never know what you'll find at the thrift store! I ripped off the two layers of fabric and cut it down to size, then washed it with a water/bleach solution. While it was drying I spray painted the legs of the table. Then I covered the cushion in batting and stapled it to the underside of the table.Then I wrapped my fabric around the batting and stapled it. I then made matching buttons using the same fabric. I got a button kit at the fabric store. It was super easy! I had originally planned to put in nine buttons, but changed my mind and only did five.For the holes I just measured equal distances and drew a grid on the top of the table and drilled holes where the lines crossed, then drilled another hole next to it. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of this process.

Word of advice to anyone thinking about doing this project: spend the extra $4 to buy yourself upholstering needles! I thought I could use one of my "long" needles from my sewing kit. I struggled with that for about an hour before I ended up going back to the stor to buy myself the upholstering needles.

This has been a public service announcement. I will now return you to the regularly scheduled program...

After threading my needle with my string I pushed it up through the first hole and pulled one end of the string all the way through so one end was coming out of the top and one end was hanging out of the bottom. I rethreaded my needle using the end of the string hanging out of the bottom of the hole then poked it up through the other hole.After both strings were through the top of the ottoman I threaded my button to one of the strings. I tied a single knot and then pushed the cushion down and tightened it. Be sure to push the cushion down first. I tried tightening it without doing that and the top of my button popped off. Then I tied another knot and tightened it. I wrapped the strings around the base of the button and tied a knot on the other side and wrapped both strings around the base of the button a couple times and cut off the excess.I did that another four times and then had to pull the fabric tighter on each side and restaple it.

In summary, there are two things I will do differently next time:
1 - glue the cushion to the top of the table with spray adhesive.
2 - attach the buttons before stapling the fabric.

Doesn't it look great with my two $10 yard sale rocking chairs?Remember your blessings!


Katie said...

What an awesome transformation!! I have big plans to create a tufted headboard one day. Is tufting as easy as so many of the DIY blogs make it sound?

(Found your blog through Centsational Girl's)

Vicki said...

That is beautiful! I can hardly wait to sit and have iced tea with you on your porch.:-)

design_aholic said...

I love the fabric you chose! I'm just about to do this to a coffee table I'm going to post about tomorrow. I'm searching for people like you with tips on how they did it! Thanks!

Katelyn said...

beautiful. And I love your rocking chairs too.