Friday, December 17, 2010

2010 Christmas Tree Post

My tree is beginning to look pretty much the same every year.  The good thing is that I love it!  We decided to put up our artificial tree this year to save time and money.  I do miss the smell of a real pine tree, but the fake tree is hassle-free, which is so nice!  I did have to boost it up a little using my archery target.  It's supposed to be a 6.5 ft. tree, but it's more like 5'10".  Plus, it now has a lot more room for presents underneath the tree!

The boys have fun decorating the tree no matter what kind it is.

They love deciding which ornaments they'd like to hang.

They also love to wear the camo santa hat while decorating.

Tristan, of course, loves sitting under the tree and pretending he's a wild beast in the forest. Just look at him.  He's totally ready to pounce. Oh, sorry Tristan. That's right... I can't see you.

My favorite thing about our Christmas tree is how it shines at night.  After everyone goes to bed I love to turn all the livingroom lights off and just sit and look at it.  It's so pretty!

Remember your blessings!

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