Friday, June 11, 2010

My Pantry and Shoe Organizer Turned Season Packet Sorter

When we built our house we had a closet underneath the stairs that I had no idea what to do with.  My husband and I dubbed it the kissing closet. *blush*  Since it's under the stairs it slopes down to the back and it's pretty small.  What do you do with a closet like that? For awhile it stored all my photo props plus the vaccuum, broom, and mop.  I felt like it had so much more potential.

So, one day when I was unloading groceries and cursing how full my cupboards were I had an epiphany! Why not turn the kissing closet into a pantry? It was one of those moments where you feel brilliant for thinking of it, but at the same time incredibly stupid for not thinking of it before that point.

I took my measurements and drew up my plan.  It cost me about $120 for all the hardware and took me about two hours to complete. It was some of the best money I've spent on my house.  Here is my small, but functional, pantry.
I decided to post about my pantry because of an idea I had. I saw a picture of an over-the-door shoe organizer that someone used to put kids snacks, medicines, etc.  It occurred to me that it would be perfect for spice packets such as taco, fajita, and chili seasonings, onion soup mix, cool-aid, etc.  I kept mine in two baskets and could never tell what I had. Enter the solution!
This clear over-the-door shoe organizer works perfectly! I didn't need the whole thing so I cut it in half and hung it using those little double-sided foam strips.  Now I can see when I'm low on a seasoning.  Plus, if you have a friend that wants to do the same thing you can split the cost of the shoe organizer since you cut it in half.

Tip: Place your seasoning packets with the closest expiration date in the front so you will use it first.

Remember your blessings!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Special Moment

Since today is my older son's last day of school I thought I would share a moment with you that would not be possible without school. It was bedtime and I went to tuck them into their beds. What I found was this.
For 10 minutes my older son read to my younger son. My younger son paid attention and listened and really enjoyed his brother.
For 10 minutes my children got along. There was no whining, or screaming, or crying, or hitting, or teasing.

For 10 minutes God gave me this moment of peace and filled my heart with love and pride.

Thank you God. What a gift. And thank you teachers for helping to create moments like this.


Monday, June 7, 2010


I love freckles! I always wished I had freckles across my nose. I know those of you with freckles are probably screaming at me right now.

Well, my younger son has been getting more and more freckles and I couldn't be happier. I love them!!!  I've tried to get pictures of them, but they are kinda light so don't show up much in pictures. However, I recently found a picture I took that shows them clearly in all their glory (click on the picture to see it bigger).

See them? They spread across his nose. Aren't they adorable?  I'm sure he'll hate me later for saying this, but I hope he gets oodles more!

Remember your blessings!

Friday, June 4, 2010

A Horse Is A Horse

I've always loved horses.  I had a horse named Dusty when I was growing up. Horses are graceful and big and beautiful.  They all have their own personalities.

One of my good friends has a pair of horses at her house. I love watching them. Once in awhile when I visit I take pictures of her horses.

This one is Holly. She's nine years old and is a very sweet horse.

She's got kind and gentle eyes.
This one is Sniper. He's almost two. He's full of mischief.
I think his eyes show that he's got something up his sleeve. If horses had sleaves anyway.
Together they're quite a pair. Click on this picture to see how Sniper is partialy sticking out his tongue. I think Holly tries to keep him in line, but that's a lot of horse to put up with! 

Yes, quite a pair indeed.
A big beautiful pair.

Remember your blessings!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Has Anyone Seen My Dog?

I used to have a gorgeous deep golden colored golden retriever. His fur was long and whispy and flowed when he walked.  I left our camp for a short time and returned to this wet and muddy imposter!
There must be an explanation. This cannot be my dog. Surely I did not raise such a filthy creature as this animal.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Sister The Football Player

Have I told you before that one of my sisters plays football? She plays for the Portland Shockwave. They are a women's full contact football team. You heard me right. Full contact, meaning they put on pads and helmets and smash into eachother. They play teams from all over the west coast. Last week they played the Los Angeles Amazons in L.A. The Shockwave won 20-6.

Would you like to face her on the football field? I wouldn't.
I wouldn't want to face anyone on the team on the football field. I'd be squashed.
My little sister loves playing football. It's totally her thing.
She's even got fans. Check it out!
I'm proud of her.
We're going to watch her in her last home game on Saturday. The winner of this game will go to the championships. The other team has the #2 offense in the country. The Shockwave have the #2 defense. Should be a good game! Go Shockwave!!!

Remember your blessings!