Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Sister The Football Player

Have I told you before that one of my sisters plays football? She plays for the Portland Shockwave. They are a women's full contact football team. You heard me right. Full contact, meaning they put on pads and helmets and smash into eachother. They play teams from all over the west coast. Last week they played the Los Angeles Amazons in L.A. The Shockwave won 20-6.

Would you like to face her on the football field? I wouldn't.
I wouldn't want to face anyone on the team on the football field. I'd be squashed.
My little sister loves playing football. It's totally her thing.
She's even got fans. Check it out!
I'm proud of her.
We're going to watch her in her last home game on Saturday. The winner of this game will go to the championships. The other team has the #2 offense in the country. The Shockwave have the #2 defense. Should be a good game! Go Shockwave!!!

Remember your blessings!


Josi said...

Awww! Thanks Amber. I do love playing football. :) And I can't wait for you to come and watch us play again this weekend. It's gonna be a great game.

wholarmor said...

That's cool! I was the only girl on my 9th grade team. I played football with the boys. Had aspirations of being the first woman NFL player(before they had the WNFL).

Unfortunately, torn ligaments in my knee cut my career short. I don't know if I could play today. But I do miss the sound of helmets crashing against shoulder pads.

rae ann said...

josi! you're so HOT! these pics are amazing too. my favorite is the last one. ;)

i'm so proud of you and thankful for strong, independent women like you who aren't intimidated by things that start with the phrase "full contact." we need more girls like you.