Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's a Good Thing Winchester Isn't Human

Becase if he was he would probably never forgive me for doing this.

I've been trying to decide what Winchester should be for Halloween. Yes, I am one of those owners, but only on Halloween and game days. He has a Vandals jersey I force him to wear when Idaho plays. Anyway, I photoshoped some options onto a picture of my pup. What do you think? Which suits him best?

Monday, September 28, 2009

A Shower Long Time Coming

I'm embarrased of this project. Not because I didn't do a good job, and not because it didn't turn out. The reason I'm embarrassed is because it's taken me over two years to finish my part of it. Casey did the work getting it to the point where I could tile it, and I started! Then, I hit a snag... and it sat... and sat... and sat. Then I figured out what to do about the snag... then it sat once again. In this shape.
Here's the final project! I worked all weekend finishing it. Can I just tell you that grouting this thing took way longer than I thought it would. Most people would be excited to finish such a project... of course most people would have had it done two years ago. So, I'm mostly just relieved. My husband is as well.
Now, when my friends and family ask if my shower is done I don't have to be embarrased and answer "Not yet." I can say, "Yes, it is!"

I can't seal it until tomorrow night then I'll put the fixtures on and we'll be able to take a shower in our own bathroom!
Remember your blessings!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


We planted five foot arborvitae trees on Sunday. They were selling them at Costo for the awesome price of $19.99 so I had to get seven of them to put along the side of my driveway. I think they look fantastic, and what a great deal! What do you think?

This is the only before picture I could find. Sorry.
All done after a full day's work pulling up sod, rototilling, digging, running to the store for a new shovel, filling back in, spreading mulch, and watering til my fingers were prunes.
Look! It's my sexy husband who got back from Alaska on Sunday and insisted on helping plant the trees despite my objections. He was so tired!
From the middle of our yard that really needs to be mowed.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Winchester Wednesday 09/09/09

I can't believe it's been two weeks since my last post! I have some home project in the works that I should be able to post soon. I'm sure you all are getting tired of just seeing Winchester pictures. =o)
What a great weekend we had! We stayed at a friend's riverside cabin for the weekend. The first day was beautiful and we got to go swimming (thanks to my 3 1/2 year old jumping off the dock and me having to rescue him-that's another story). Winchester fell off the dock a couple times, but didn't mind the water. He still never voluntarily took a leap, but he joined me and walked in a shallow area of the river on Sunday so it was a step in the right direction.
Okay, I know you all didn't visit this post to "listen" to me "talk." On with the pictures...

1. Just hanging out in the yard.
2. I swear he was posing for me! This was after the first time he fell in the water. On second thought, maybe he's not posing. Maybe he's embarrassed about falling in.
3. Just to prove that he isnt ALWAYS serious here's a smiley picture.
4. I'm not sure what was so interesting down in the water, but it had both of their attention so it must have really been something!
5. I just really really liked this profile shot.
6. Winchester really wanted the stick, but wasn't willing to jump in after it. No matter how much cohercing his boy did.
7. Winchester LOVED this log! I thought he'd be afraid to get on it. Boy was I wrong!
8. Again, on the log, trying to decide if he could make the jump or not.
9. On a mission... do not interrupt!
10. Ahhh... the source of the mission. The tree bark.
11. "Hey! Your piece of bark is bigger than mine!"
12. Picking up a stick from the creek. See the bubbles he was blowing from his nose? LOL
13. "Do I really have to be on this leash? I want to explore!"
14. Getting more comfortable in the water.

15. He wasn't quite sure whether he was supposed to keep walking or start swimming.
16. "Maybe I'll keep walking. I splash a lot when I start swimming."
17. "Mom, aren't you ready to go back to shore yet?"

18. Just darn cute!