Monday, September 28, 2009

A Shower Long Time Coming

I'm embarrased of this project. Not because I didn't do a good job, and not because it didn't turn out. The reason I'm embarrassed is because it's taken me over two years to finish my part of it. Casey did the work getting it to the point where I could tile it, and I started! Then, I hit a snag... and it sat... and sat... and sat. Then I figured out what to do about the snag... then it sat once again. In this shape.
Here's the final project! I worked all weekend finishing it. Can I just tell you that grouting this thing took way longer than I thought it would. Most people would be excited to finish such a project... of course most people would have had it done two years ago. So, I'm mostly just relieved. My husband is as well.
Now, when my friends and family ask if my shower is done I don't have to be embarrased and answer "Not yet." I can say, "Yes, it is!"

I can't seal it until tomorrow night then I'll put the fixtures on and we'll be able to take a shower in our own bathroom!
Remember your blessings!


Josi said...

Yay! It looks great Amber!!!

Banjo said...

It looks awesome Amber! Great job!