Thursday, August 26, 2010

Harvest at Sundown

I had the chance to hang out and watch a local wheat harvest last night.  I was there until well after sundown and was able to snap some twilight photos.

A friend of mine is the driver in this picture.

Just look at that diesel smoke blow! Giddy up horsey.

Here they are bringing the horses in for the night.

Farmers work until the job is done, and if that happens to mean they need to turn on the bright flood lights of the combine so be it.

On my way home I had to take a picture of the harvest moon. How can you not marvel at the beauty God has created for us?

Remember your blessings!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Palouse Wheat

I've been taking lots of pictures of wheat lately.  This time of year I'm usually driving home from photo sessions on Sunday evenings just as the sun is setting, and I can't help myself.  It's so gorgeous the way the warm sun covers the fields with it's golden blanket of light.

I love the way there are certain pieces of the wheat that tower above the others.

And the odd way they each bend and hang.

I love how once in awhile you find some that intertwine and make cute shapes.

I love the way the wheat compliments the landscape and creates a perfect way to showcase the beautiful amazing sky.

The stalks are so straight and linear then you have all the chaos at the top.

Above all though, it always comes right back to the warmth.

 It's like this for such a short time at the end of summer, and it's marvelous. Don't you think?

Remember your blessings!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yo Yo Bunny-O!

My little energizer bunny has a fascination with break dancing and beat-boxing.  He's just kewl like that!  Or maybe he's just way phat, or bad, or sick, or whatever slang is being used nowdays.  Anyway, he often breaks out in "song" randomly in different places.  It's quite entertaining!

Yo yo yo!!! 
 My name is Bunny!
 I know I'm funny!
 Bum chicka chicka tsss chicka pssst *slobber spit*
 I throw a football.
 And then I catch it.
 Pffft bam tssst boom chika *spit slobber* pow wow
 I know I'm cool.  Poom chicka pufsst
 Pffft tsss chicka bum ahahahah bumbut *spit*
 Check out my moves. The way I groove.
 Woo hoo! eek chika pow tssst
 You ain't seen nothin' like me!
 Yeah yeah yeah!
You can't handle dat!
(This is his show-ending pose. Always.)
Remember your blessings!

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Day at the Water Park

My sister recently visited from Vancouver, WA with her kids and my niece from Alaska in tow.  It was so good to see everyone, especially my niece whom I hadn't seen since last August during my trip to Alaska.

One of the activities we did was take all the kids to the water park.  Boy did they have fun!

This is my sister's boy. Isn't he a cutie?

There's my boy and my niece from Alaska.

I guess I'll have to claim this one too. Not only are his shorts falling off, but they're on backwards too. That's a signature move of my son!

My cute nephew again.  What a ham!

Yep, that one's mine, and there's no indication in this picture that his wardrobe is malfunctioning!

There's my mom and my boy having a very fun time in the lazy river!

There's my cutie patootie niece. She loved climbing on the lounge chairs. Of course she got mad when she couldn't stand up.

My Alaska niece again being silly off the diving board. She was amazed that our water parks are outside. Evidently, all the water parks where she lives are indoors. I guess that makes sense, it being Alaska and all.

My boy's turn! Not quite as concerned about getting water in his nose.


That was SO. MUCH. FUN!!!

The cutie patootie again, warming up on her aunt's shoulder.

My boy never passes up a chance to be goofy with anyone and Aunt Jo is no exception!

Remember your blessings!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How We Celebrated 11 Years of Bliss

My husband and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary this past weekend. Sometimes it doesn't seem like it could be that long already and some days it feels like it should be at least 20 years by now. All-in-all it's been such a wonderful 11 years and I am so very very lucky to have found such an amazing man to spend my life with.

My mom offered to take the kids for the weekend, and who am I to turn her down? Since we had the whole weekend kid and pet free we decided to go camping. Just the hubs, me, and the chipmunks!

I had completely forgotten how wonderful camping can be when there is nobody whining things like "I'm hungry. I'm thirsty. Are we there yet? I want to roast marshmallows. That's mine! He hit me! I want to shoot my bb gun. Can I go fishing? My line is snagged. I don't like the bugs. I'm bored. I want to ride the 4-wheeler." For any of you that have gone camping with kids, you know how chaotic it can be.

Don't get me wrong. I do like camping with the whole family, but there is never any quiet time to just sit and think and maybe read a book while enjoying the nature around you.

The lack of children and pets allowed me to take more pictures than I normally do so I have quite a few to share. Let me walk you through our blissful weekend. Oh, and if you want to see any of them bigger just click on them.

We didn't get out of town until 5:15 Friday evening, which meant we didn't make it to camp until 8:30, but the timing was good for some pretty dusk-time pictures.

We spent most of Saturday on a long 4-wheeler ride. We drove on roads that had views like this.

We stopped at several places.  The first was called Prospector's Point.  It was beautiful there and there were some very friendly little chipmunks. This little guy posed for me.

After that we headed on to Lost Lake, which wasn't very lost considering the amount of people we met coming and going along the way.

This lake was full of crawdads!  One even wanted to take on the hubs who was apparently on his rock.

After taking a little swim we again were on our way to our next destination–Fish Lake. This one took a little longer to get to and the hike was quite a bit harder, but we eventually got there. Beautiful!

Hubs did some fishing and caught a fish nearly every time he threw his line out. Unfortunately the fish were very small. I caught the biggest one and it was only about six inches long. We would have stayed longer but the mosquitos were horrible!!!

It was really pretty where we camped and you could hear the creek running. It was so soothing.

I picked huckleberries on Sunday and we headed home around 1:00. What an awesome weekend! Here are a few more pictures from the weekend.

I love you honey! I can't wait to spend the next 50 years with you!

Remember your blessings!