Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Time Family Favorites

I thought it was time to share a couple more recipes. This time of year makes me want to spend time in the kitchen.  It's probably because all summer I try to avoid spending time in the kitchen so it's like a long-lost friend by the time the leaves start changing.  I start craving warm foods and Thanksgiving goodies.  Click on the recipe images to see them bigger.

Here are my Grandma Nona's calico beans. Yum!
Here's a recipe for potato dumplilngs. My great grandma used to make these for her family during the depression.

 Date bars! Yummy!

These cookies are soooo good! If you like date cookies, you MUST make these. My grandma makes them for Thanksgiving and Christmas every year.

And because I'm in the mood to make pumpkin soup I went and found a recipe to try. This one sounds delicious, don't you think! Velvet Pumpkin Soup

Remember your blessings!


Anonymous said...

Okay Amber, sorry and I love you my friend but, pumpkin and soup just don't go together in my recipe book. Pumpkin and cool whip, pumpkin and cream cheese frosting, even pumpkin and bread (if it involves nuts and chocolate chips)! Heehee!!

Amber said...

Don't knock it til you try it! One of the best soups I had was a pumpkin soup my mom made. It was SOOOOO good! Kinda like butternut squash soup. I doubt cool whip would be any good on this though.

Josi said...

Oh that soup sounds amazing. may have to try it out this weekend.

Saralee said...

The most beautiful recipe pages I have ever seen! :)