Monday, October 4, 2010

Casey's Birthday Hike

In our family we let the birthday boy or girl pick what they want to do on their special day.  This year Levi wanted bowling, CJ wanted Silverwood, I wanted sprint boat races.  Casey, being that elk hunting starts only a week after his birthday, wanted to go scout his elk hunting spot.  So, we loaded up the boys and the dogs into the truck and headed up to the mountain.

This is the kind of thing we were hoping to find! Fresh elk rubs!

Casey got to tell the boys all about some of the elk he's harvested in the past.

The dogs went along. Winchester was in heaven!

What a goofball!

Since we can't trust Moose not to run off he had to stay on a leash.  Poor Moose. It didn't help that Winchester would come back to taunt him occasionally, but even with his leash limitations, Moose still had a great time.

Time for a little drinky drink.

Now THIS is a happy pooch!

CJ had to carry his .22 in case he saw a grouse.  He also forgot his jacket so he wore my sweatshirt. Just a little big on him.

Remember your blessings!

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Carlie said...

Beautiful! Your boys are lovely. Can't believe CJ is that big already.