Monday, December 27, 2010

What My Family Did on Christmas

We had such a great Christmas this year!

We went to my parents' house in Oregon and spent four very fun days hanging out with them, my grandparents, and my sister.  We did the extended family party on the day of Christmas Eve (potluck, white elephant, etc.), then us girls hit a store I'd heard a lot about but never been to; Hobby Lobby!  It was instantly a new favorite.  We only had about an hour to spend there so my wallet didn't suffer too badly. Thank goodness there's not one close to where I live! I'd be in big trouble.

The boys went to Ranch & Home (I think) where my father bought Big Squirt a mini 20-gauge shotgun. You see, my husband and I shoot trap and Big Squirt really wants to shoot too, but before Friday we hadn't been able to find a shotgun to fit him.  Lo-and-behold, they find one that fits.  My son was, of course, over the moon!

When we got back to the house we all changed into our PJs and settled down to open presents from each other.

Little Squirt got super excited about his Superhero Squad DVD from his Aunt.

Mom loved all her scarves.

Big Squirt was really excited to get a steelhead rod.

Grandma loved her warm clothes from Grandpa, which earned him a smooch and a hug.

Casey and I got an awesome Christmas present from my parents; two plane tickets to Las Vegas!  In addition to the plane tickets, my parents paid for my registration fee to the NFAA World Archery Festival!  I can't wait!

On Christmas day our family went out shooting.  I told you earlier that Big Squirt got a shotgun from his grandpa. Well, he got to try it out. I was worried that he wouldn't be able to handle the kick, and at first it was a little hard, but I was so proud of him when he didn't let that make him afraid and he tried it again.

On just his 2nd attempt he shot his first clay pigeon!!! From then on he was hooked.  I was so proud of him. He hit about 12 total, out of about 30 shots. Very very good for a brand new shooter. I might have to start calling him dead-eye! I caught this picture with the bird, shot, and smoke all in the air.

He shot righ along side everyone else and showed us how it is done.

After we were done with shooting we went back to the house, put the prime rib in the oven, later had a yummy feast, and after that played cards for awhile.  It was such a fun Christmas!  We missed our family that couldn't be there with us this year though.

Hope you all had an AWESOME Christmas!
Remember your blessings!

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Josi said...

It looked like you guys had an awesome time. I wish we could have been there. Merry Christmas to you all.