Monday, June 15, 2009

Getting Some Privacy

I live on a pretty busy street. Lots of activity takes place on the side of my house, and there are buildings I don't want to look at. So, I decided to put up some billowy white curtains at the end of the porch. My porch isn't very big, but I love to sit out there and watch the boys play in the yard. The new curtains give me more privacy and soft shade. The best part is that the fabric only cost me $1.50/yard at the fabric clearance table at Walmart.
I need to confess! I cheated putting them up. I just stapled them to dowls instead of sewing them. You can't tell though, can you?

Oh, and do you see the bench at the end of the deck? I've had it for about six years. I got it on clearance for $25 at the end of summer one year. It used to look like this.
Didn't match to well, did it?
After three cans of paint (it was so dry it just sucked the paint right up), it now matches the rocking chairs. They look like they are a set.

On a side note, which side of the pillows do you like better? I took the picture with the striped side showing in the first picture, and this last picture has the flowers. I'm thinking flowers since there's so many stripes going on, but would love to hear your opinion.

Remember your blessings!


Josi said...

You are just so amazing. I can't wait to visit and sit on your lovely porch. It's like out of a magazine. I like the stripes, btw.

Julia said...

ooh.stripes. pretty.