Friday, June 5, 2009

Quick Serving Tray Accessory

I got this at a yard sale for $1.50 a couple months ago. I knew it had potential.I just got out my white spray paint and gave it a couple light coats. I love spray paint!

I think it still needs a little something extra to dress it up but I don't know what yet. So for now it's just plain ole white and functional. To be continued... (when I finally figure out what I'm going to do. Suggestions anyone?)

Remember your blessings!


Julia said...

That tray would be adorable with a number stenciled onto the front as is so popular right now. Or a ribbon could be glued around the tray with one of those metal tags with a number on it.

Julia said...

Amber - that dresser was at Bryn Alexandra. She has a lovely blog as well. I bookmarked you to keep that side table to ottoman tutorial. I have a horrific nightstand that needs to undergo such a transformation. Thanks for your comment! Can't wait to see the updated tray.

Miss(ing) Shakespeare said...

Oooh I love this! And this is my first time here... =) I think that that piece would look awesome with some pretty paper mod-podged to the bottom of it. Something that matches your decor.

And whatever is in that pitcher looks fabulous! Thirsty now!