Monday, May 17, 2010

Camera Monopolized

I went to visit my sister this weekend in Vancouver/Portland.  She had a football game.  She plays for the Portland Shockwave women's football team. It was fun to watch and I had a great time with my sister and her family. I took some pictures of the game and the family. I really did! You wouldn't know it though because there was one little person that was in 50% 60% 72% of the pictures I took.

That little person would be my niece.  
As I've mentioned once or twice, I have a weekness for small children. It may be bordering on a problem, but can you blame me? Besides, that dress was way too cute not to take pictures of, plus, it was a present from me. 
I woke up to this little ray of sunshine on Saturday morning. She was standing at the edge of my mattress in that adorable dress greeting me when I opened my eyes. Except she was smiling.  I'm not sure what this expression was all about.
Just look at that smile!!!
And see... I got some pictures at the game.
This must count for something.
On Sunday before I left we put another cute dress on her and took about 15 minutes to try and get some portrait-worthy pictures. She was pretty stingy with her smiles though. It was a tough crowd!

I hope you had as good of a weekend as I did!

Remember Your Blessings!


Josi said...

I love it when you take pics of my kids. Thank you for coming to visit me too. Love you

Candace said...

Hey.. Josi's friend here.. Love your shots, you did a fantastic job!! Do you mind me asking what you shoot with?

Amber said...

Thanks Candace! I shoot with a Canon 5D and various lenses. My favorite is my 85mm f1.8 lens.

Banjo @ Unfabulousness said...

Awesome pics as always! She sure is a cutie.....