Thursday, September 1, 2011

School Is Now In Session

You know what the hardest part about being a mom is? Letting go. Yesterday my baby started kindergarten. It's such an exciting time for him, and I'm excited right along with him, but for me it's bitter-sweet. I'm pretty tough most of the time, but sometimes I can be a real sissy!

I was fine while he was getting ready. I was fine on the walk to school. I was fine waiting inside the door of the school. Then as we were all being herded down the hallway to the kindergarteners' classrooms, the 1st and 2nd grade teachers were standing outside their doors saying stuff like "Here come the kindergarteners!" and "Welcome to school!" I just about lost it. My eyes became wet. I pulled it together before my son could see me.

As my baby boy was hanging up his sparkly new Spiderman backpack and exploring his new surroundings all I could think about was the last five-and-a-half years. As his father and I were trying to get his attention so we could say goodbye, I was thinking how independent he has become and how starting kindergarten is a new chapter in his life. Then as I stepped across the threshold of the kindergarten door to leave, the tears I had been fighting back broke through and started trickling down my cheeks. Thank goodness it didn't last long, but even now just thinking about it gets me choked up.

On to the pictures!

Both boys all ready to go.
first day 2011

On their way!
first day 2011

In front of the school sign. This is an annual shot. My older boy hates it, but he humors me.
first day 2011

Levi in his classroom making friends. He is definitely NOT a shy kid!
first day 2011

first day 2011

I hope you all have had a wonderful summer!

Remember your blessings!


Banjo @ Unfabulousness said...

One of my favorite pics to take is the kids walking towards school and all you see is their back, and backpacks! Treasure these days Amber. When they reach the teenage years you will be wanting this time back........

Courtney Walsh said...

Hey Amber! I found your blog on the InspireMe site for Webster's Pages! I thought I'd drop by and say hi. :) I have a little one at home with me, but he'll go to pre-school next year... I have to agree...the hardest part is letting go.

I'm really not ready for it! Looks like yours is getting on fine! :) have a great weekend!