Thursday, April 8, 2010


This is Gus. He is a 10-month-old German Wirehaired Pointer, a.k.a. Drahthaar. He belongs to some very good friends of ours.

His favorite person is Ryan. Wasn't he an adorable puppy? Not Ryan, Gus (for those of you that may have been confused).
(picture courtesy of Gus' family)

Gus totally cracks me up, and I'll tell you why. He LOVES his owner, and when he's not with him he cries. It's pathetic, and sweet, and very entertaining.  My heart breaks for him. Seriously! I can understand where he's coming from though. I mean who wants to be left out of the fun?

On Easter Gus wouldn't stick around camp when he was granted freedom (remember, he's only 10 months old). So, he ended up having to be tied up for a bit. During that time Ryan wanted to practice shooting his rifle.

You have to understand one thing about Gus. He is a hunting dog. He LIVES for the hunt, and the shot of a gun means a bird is down and he has to go get it. This is a picture of him with his first bird.
 (picture courtesy of Gus' family)

Gus was left with us ladies while Ryan took off to the shooting table, and the following is the crying that ensued.

Was that a gun shot? Oh dear... here we go.
When no one came to his cries, he decided to lay down and try to sleep (he continued weeping in his sleep. Honest!).

Until the next shot was fired.

In the end, even though Ryan had forsaken him, he loved him just as much when he returned.  Besides that, he still had his boy who loved him.

Yes, Gus loves his owner, and his owner LOVES him!
(photo taken with mye cell phone)

Remember your blessings!


Mom, Wife, Nina said...

What a gorgeous dog!!! They're just big babies. :)

Amber said...

Yes he is! He's a very cool dog and an amazing bird dog! He's only 10 months and he's already pointing and retrieving birds. I'm really amazed!