Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thrifty Message Board

I found this chalkboard at Salvation Army last week for a whopping $1.00! I'm sure Valerie would not approve of what I am about to do to it. Sorry Valerie.

First thing's first. The teddy bear is gone! I have bigger and better plans for this space. The toughest part of this whole project was removing all the staples. They're tough little buggers. Valerie did a great job constructing this piece of art.
I taped off the chalkboard and got out my heirloom white spray paint. I need to post some projects where I don't use white spray paint don't I?
I wanted the top space to be functional as well as the chalkboard so I cut out a piece of sheet metal to use as a magnet board. To keep the metal in place I used tacky glue and adhered it to the piece of original backing that I had to remove before. I cut it a little smaller than the piece of backing so I would have space to staple it back on.
The sheet metal is a little too shiny so I found a scrap piece of fabric from my ottoman project and wrapped it around the metal then stapled it all down.
I stapled a piece of wire onto the back for hanging and added cup hooks to the underside of the tray to hold keys.
After I hung it up it felt like it was missing something so I tore off a linen strip from a piece of material I use as my paint drop cloth.
This little project was quick, cheap, and easy. I love when quick, cheap, and easy = function!
I have another idea that I will be sharing later if it works out, but not until after I get back from our weekend camping trip. Stay tuned!
Have a great 4th of July weekend, and remember your blessings!


Mom, Wife, Nina said...

-_- I am so jealous of you and your craftiness!!! ENough already!! Open your own store so I can come buy some stuff from you. LOL!!

It looks GREAT!!!!! Good job!!!

Banjo said...

Seriously????? Green with envy once again!

Jessica said...

I love that!

Julia said...

You are so creative, I love these projects of yours.