Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Transform Your Old/Scratched/Ugly Frames

You know those old frames you have lying around your house? The ones with ugly wood or that are all dinged and scratched? Don't throw them away. Transform them into pieces of art or into gifts using scrapbook paper, glue, embellishments, and mod podge.

I wish I would have taken pictures of the process, but I didn't so I only have the end product. Anyone can do it though.  You just rough up the frame with some sandpaper, choose the papers you want, tear it to fit, ink it a little, and glue it on. Add any embellishments you want then you can finish the edges with paint, ribbon, ink, etc. and cover it in mod podge. Here's a couple of mine.

This one is on my desk at work.

This one is on my coffee table at home. I picked up the stitched quote at an antique store. It's totally me.

Here's a close-up for you.

Used frames are cheap and always for sale at thrift stores and yard sales. Go. Find some. Cover them in your favorite pattern and display them. Have fun!

Remember your blessings!


Unfabulousness said...

those look awesome! I remember seeing you start it and I always wanted to ask what the finished product looked like! Great job!

TamiV said...

Hi Amber,

Just came across your blog from Judy P's. Love all your decorating ideas, you house is beautiful! I'll be watching for more inspiring ideas! :)

Wendy said...

wow Amber. Those are really pretty.