Monday, December 28, 2009


I love giving gifts! Especially to my kids. The anticipation of their reactions just about kills me. I know I'm going to really miss these days when they are grown. For now though, I'm just going to enjoy them, and so are you!

Levi opens presents like me. I always start at the tape. Something in me has a hard time ripping paper open. I like to unwrap them. It drives my family crazy! So, naturally, I love this about Levi.
This was a shared gift for both boys. Here Levi is posing with it. What a ham!
Here are my two gifts from the boys. Isn't it cute how they wrote on them? I know you are wondering what was inside, so I'll just tell you. They happened to be the latest Sugarland and Carrie Underwood CDs.
I asked Levi to show me what he got from his aunt so I could take a picture. So he did.
I think Winchester thought this one might be for him.
CJ giving himself a hug from his aunt as directed on her card, which contained $10. CJ loved that!
Oh my gosh! What could it be? This... this is what I love about kids and opening presents.
Another shared gift. CJ looks almost sweet there doesn't he? I'm sure there will be many fights over who gets to play with this.
After the boys went to sleep Santa visited and left some great stuff for the boys. Again, the anticipation! I have to wait aaaaaaallll night.
Here's Levi Christmas morning, playing with his new Football Guys and wearing his new Humanitarian Bowl stocking cap and head light. We sure do have some lucky and spoiled children on our hands!

We hope your Christmas was a wonderful one! Go Vandals!

Remember your blessings!


Josi said...

Your comment about how you unwrap was so funny. I think Mom and Dad actually made a comment about it as we were all ripping open our presents on Christmas Eve. I believe it went "And that always drives us crazy." Hahaha Love your pics.

Unfabulousness said...

Your pics are great! Looks like the boys had a great Christmas!