Friday, December 11, 2009

Change It Up For The Holidays

I'm limited on how much room I have for storing my holiday decorations. This is why I'm such a fan of using accessory pieces in my home that can easily be added to or switched-up according to the season.

Let me explain what I'm talking about.

This is the inside of my mantle. It always has the candles, window, mirror, and scale. In the fall I had some fall garland with acorns, orange and brown berries, and twig-like accents intertwined all through these candles. To change it up for the holidays I simply wrapped a few of the candles using the ribbon I used in my wreath and window garland. I also added some whimsy by hanging some fun glittery snowflakes using fishing line and scotch tape.This dish sits on my coffee table. It usually holds wicker balls but I switched those out with these red ornaments for Christmas.
I love this window I picked up at the Antique Mall. I just added a plastic removable hook to it and hung this simple green candle ring to look like a wreath. The best part is that the candle ring was on clearance for $2.00.
I switched out the small green gourds in this glass candle jar for a couple ornaments and used a cut-down skewer to hang a pretty ornament for display.
This is my dining table centerpiece. It is so versatile! I removed the white candles that usually reside in the glasses and replaced them with more of these red ornaments. I also removed the pumpkins, gourds, and fake pears and replaced them with pinecones and faux pine from the craft store.
I thought filling this completely with red ornaments would 1) be too expensive, and 2) be overkill on the red ornaments so I just incorporated a few into the existing wicker balls.
Feel free to add a pet or two as well. They can be bribed with just a small piece of cheese and they really add a homey feel to your decor.
Rember your blessings, and share the joy!


Josi said...

You are so stinking creative. I think you got it all in the genetic makeup. :) I love the ornament too.

Judy said...

Love this all!!! And, gave me some great ideas!!! :0)