Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Tree

I'll show you the full picture in a few, but right now I want to share what I love about Christmas trees. My favorite things are ornaments that mean something. Pretty ornaments are fun too, but ornaments that entice a memory or remind you of someone are the best.

This guy was a gift from a co-worker friend of mine. She makes these by hand from scratch every year! I always feel so lucky that she includes me. When I think of the time she puts in making these I'm in awe.
These little fellows are a new addition this year. They remind me of my Grandma Ann. She loved birds. The red wooden beads remind me of my mom.
This ornament will remind me of my friend every year. It was won by my husband at an ornament exchange for a work christmas party. There's a funny story behind it.

I picked up these gorgeous red velvet bells in Nebraska last year when I was visiting my best friend. There are two different sizes. I love them and they remind me of her and the fun we had.This cup belonged to my Grandpa Dale. He gave it to me about a year before he passed away. It was his as a small child.
This ornament was made by Levi this year. Handmade ornaments from my kids are always a big hit. No matter if they match the tree or not, they always get a front-and-center seat on the tree.I put poinsettas on my tree every year. My parents did it and still do it now. I love how the lights make them glow.
So now that I shared just a few of my ornaments on the tree I'll let you see the big picture. All 10.5 feet of it. Next year I'm going to find a tree that's fuller, but I love the ones with lots of space too.
Merry Christmas Eve Day everyone!
Remember your blessings!
Amber & Family

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