Thursday, December 10, 2009


I just thought I'd post a quick Winchester/Tristan update to let you know how they are getting along. They are pretty good buddies now. Winchester will still occasionally chase Tristan and sit on her, but she holds her own and, really, pesters him more than he pesters her.

Take this picture, for instance. Awwww.... isn't that sweet?
Right after I snapped this picture Tristan attacked Winchester's head. He takes it and doesn't complain. What a good boy he is. Tristan on the other hand, well, we've dubbed her "Monster Kitty." Hopefully she grows out of that.

Remember your blessings!

P.S. - I know some of you are anxious for more holiday decorating that I promised on Monday. I should have time to finally take the rest of my holiday decorating pictures tonight so I can put them online tomorrow. It's been an incredibly busy week!

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