Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh Dear...

I never noticed it before, but after looking at the pictures I took last night at the first born's basketball game I saw a theme emerge.
Do you see it?
Can you see what I'm talking about yet?
Maybe this picture will help clue you in.
Now as a mother, I'm incredibly proud of my little basketball player, but no, I'm not saying my son plays like M.J.  He sure is sportin' the tongue like him though.
He actually scored for the first time last night. His contribution was six big points!  In fact, here's one of his shots. He shoots! 
 Is it in? The other kid is hoping the answer is no.
 TWO!! Sorry kid.
 Here's a few other shots from last night that I liked. He's getting pretty good at driving in.
Protecting the ball. The kids in this league are ruthless! They'll steal your ball in a blink of an eye.

Way to go Fighting Cheerios (a very original team name)!  Another great game, and you're still undefeated!
Remember your blessings!


Mom, Wife, Nina said...

HAHAHAHAA!! So stinkin' cute! ♥

Josi said...

That's great! Luke, Kells and Deirdre all do that too. It's a concentration thing. It's adorable to watch the tongue poke out. I can't wait to see it on Monday