Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Meet Moose

Hello all! I would like to introduce Moose.

Moose is the newest member of our family!  We adopted him from the Humane Society.  He is a 7-year-old border collie/golden retriever cross.  Some people have said "What posessed you?" or "What brought this on?"  As you know, we already have a certifiable circus at our home. Why would we add another animal to the mix? Well, the short answer is because it was love at first site and it was meant to be.

You see, Moose was the dog of the game at two basketball games we attented. The first time we saw them walk him out on the court both Casey and I looked at eachother and exclaimed "I want that dog!" We knew it wasn't practical to get another dog. So, we just left it at that.  At the next game Moose was the dog of the game again, and again we both said "I want that dog!"  We couldn't believe someone hadn't snatched him up already.  But again, we reasoned that we just didn't need another dog. I mean c'mon! Twice the food, twice the poop, twice the shedding.  Three big reasons NOT to get another dog, right?

Wednesday of last week I took Winchester to the dog park. The dog park shares a parking lot with the Humane Society. I told CJ we should go see if Moose was still there.  I'm just curious, I told myself.  Maybe I should have fought the urge, but I didn't.  Sure enough, he was still there. CJ and I met him and pet him and fell in love with him.  Still though, I doubted Casey would go for it.

When he got home I casually mentioned to Casey that Moose was still at the shelter. Casey's reaction was "Really? I've wanted him since I saw him at the game."  It didn't take any convincing to get Casey back to the shelter to see Moose.  The rest is history, as the say.

Moose and Winchester get along great! In fact, he's really helped Winchester calm down and Moose puts him in his place when he's getting out of control. Oh, and don't they compliment eachother well in photos?

What a handsome boy he is! I feel like we hit the jackpot for a pound puppy. Plus, he is two of my favorite breeds combined! He has a couple issues (likes to dart out of the door and his recall is not great), but we're working on them. He's very smart so I'm confident he'll learn quickly. Other than those two things, he's a dream!

So, from our newly expanded family to your family.
Remember your blessings!


Mom, Wife, Nina said...

BEAUTIFUL dog!! That is so great you adopted him!! I bet he's going to make a great addition to your family. :)

Banjo @ Unfabulousness said...

Love Moose! So cute!

Judy said...

Moose is a very lucky boy...what a fun family to be adopted into!!! I, too, fell in love with him at the Vandal game when he was the "Dog of the Game"...I could tell he would make someone very happy!! How amazing that he went from being an orphan to being so loved (and photographed!!) :0) Your dogs remind me of the two adorable dogs on the blog "Dooce"...those two are so photogenic, and I think yours rival them!!! :0) Have fun!!!