Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Ideas for Kids

Since I haven't taken any new pictures lately or finished any new home projects to share (yet), I thought I would pass along a couple cute Valentine project/activity ideas.

Let your kids know how special you think they are and how much you enjoy the things you do together using a scavenger hunt game I used last year for CJ since he can read. It was a HUGE hit! He just loved all the notes, and he felt so special.  Here's how it works.

Cut out paper hearts and write messages on each that include a clue for where to look for the next clue. Such as this one:
So, the next clue can be found by his books which is where he'll go and find another encouraging note. At the end after he finds all his notes he'll get his Valentine's prize.

Some ideas are:
- I love the way we cuddle on the COUCH to watch Spongebob.
- I love watching you play BASKETBALL. You are so quick and always let others on the team have a chance.
- Thank you for always brushing your teeth so well and teaching your brother. You are such a great big brother!

I plan to do this project with the boys tomorrow. This one is just photoshoped together.  What mother, grandmother, or aunt wouldn't love this framed for Valentine's Day?

A few years ago I did something like this for Mother's Day, but I've also seen this done where the flower was replaced by a sucker for Valentine's Day.

Here are few more ideas.
- Cupid's Tree Scavenger Hunt
- Here's a ready-made document with graphics that I found online: VALENTINE.doc
- Decorate heart-shaped sugar cookies together.
- Handmade cards.
- Go to a local ceramics shop and paint tiles, mugs, plates, etc. in valentine colors.
- Decorate a matboard frame with foam hearts from the craft store.
- For the real young kids I found this that you could do and frame. So cute!

I hope some of these ideas has inspired you. Enjoy Valentine's Day!

Remember your blessings!

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