Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kitty Cat Facial

No, this is not the newest fashion trend in pooch head gear.
What you are witnessing here, my friends, is the playful banter between Winchester and Tristan.
To me it looks painful, but Winchester can't get enough of it.  Tristan bites, scratches, and claws relentlessly.
It goes on...
and on...
and on.
I swear Winchester thinks it's some kind of special facial he's getting. He's probably wondering where the cucumbers and steam are.
Eventually, Tristan gets a little tired of the game and hops off the chair, leaving Winchester lonely and confused. You know how aloof cats can be.
Tristan sits across the room to groom herself and totally ignores Winchester.
Then she gets that look in her eye and her tail starts to twitch.

Winchester turns on his puppy dog eyes and just waits and watches Tristan. Hoping she'll return. Begging her to return.
And she does. And once again, they begin their game.

Remember your blessings!


Jacque said...

Your dog is a freak! What a glutton for punishment. At least the cat uses your dog's face instead of your couch for a scratching post. Weird dog.

The Cooking Photographer said...

Hi Amber,

Winchester has to be the sweetest dog ever! I think my heart just melted out of my chest.

Hopefully I'll run into you today at Dr. Seuss day.


*°º¤♥-=|F®äñ|=-♥*°º¤ said...

Lovely site yours,Congrats!..and a нαρρу ωσмαи'ѕ dαу тσ αℓℓ нєяє =D

Judy said...

Amber, that is the cutest thing ever!!! Bonnie Hunt has a segment at the end of her show called the "Feel Good Moment of the Day." You need to video this and send it in to her---your adorable pets could be TV stars!!!

Miss Flagel said...

This was the best part of my day! I just love your posts. You are such a creative lady and your pictures are beyond precious. I need to take lessons from you! Winchester and the kitty facial is the funniest thing I've ever seen. I bet it is a blast to watch! I am so happy that Winchester has such a fun home...lucky dog. I so wish that Annie and Winchester could meet. That would be fun, but Annie would probably bark her head off!