Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Winchester the Water Dog

Late September was the last time Winchester had been around water that he could play in, and at that time he was less than impressed.  Something changed over the winter months because when we took him down to the beach along Chatcolet Lake this weekend we couldn't keep him out of the water.

He was one HAPPY puppy! He bounced through the water like a clumsy gazelle.
Winchester loved hauling sticks out of the water too.
And since Moose didn't really care to join Winchester in the water, Winchester would bring the sticks up on the beach and taunt Moose with them since Moose still needs to be on a leash. Eventually though, Winchester would get close enough for Moose to grab ahold and they'd play tug.
At one point the tugging got a bit too heated and a fight broke out between my two little furry brats angels. I gave two fishermen a show trying to break the two knuckleheads apart. Boy was I a mess after that; wet and muddy.
I'll share more pictures from the trip later this week. Everyone had a great time!

Remember your blessings!

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Mom, Wife, Nina said...

AWWWWWWWW!!! Oh my goodness they are SOOOO sweet! I'll be there by noon to pick them up! :D