Friday, November 5, 2010

Lefse 2010

Last weekend was our annual lefse-making get-together at my grandma's house on Moses Lake.  This is our fourth year of the tradition, and we made more than we ever have before; 214!!!  Wow!

The day begins early for lefse-making.

Mom and Grandma Ora peeled the potatoes the day before then early Saturday morning Josi and I boiled, drained and mashed them. Then we put them on the table outside so they could cool.

We had a new trainee this year.  This is my niece.  She was in charge of quality control. She did a fabulous job! Every lefse she tried passed the rigorous taste test.

Grandma Ora was a flipper, as was Grandma Nona.

Normally Grandma Nona is a mixer/roller, but she spent Friday night in the hospital getting antibiotics so she wasn't allowed to do any of the harder stuff.  It killed her having to sit and watch us do it, but I think we did her proud.

The Grandmas did a great job flipping.

After our lunch break my sister took a little cat nap.  Totally understandable since she was up late in the hospital with Grandma and got up early to go stay with her as well.

Once again, CJ took on the roll of a flipper.  He would flip 10 lefses then take a short break. Way to pace yourself kid!

Lefse is a very serious business!

Everyone did their part to get the job done.  Well, almost everyone.  =o)

Lefse is also a messy business!  This was my work station.  I was the mixer and one of the rollers this year. My shoulders are still sore.

Here are a few of the bowls that held mashed potatoes and lefse dough. Every bowl that was big enough to hold a good amount of potatoes was used.

This was one of the flipping workstations. Flour covers every surface in the kitchen by the time we are done. Clean-up is so much fun!  Or not.

I didn't get a shot of all the lefse this year, but if you want to see one check out last year's post here.

Now I'm off to enjoy a piece of lefse wrapped around a yummy layer of raspberry jam.  Mmmmmmm mmm!  Or should I say uff-da!


Carlie said...

What ARE lefse? And what do you do with all of them once you've made them in quanitity? It looks like a lot of fun! Mind if I come next year?

Amber said...

Lefse is a norwegian very thin flat bread. Kinda like a potato tortilla. Traditionally, you spread on a thin layer of butter and sprinkle sugar on it, then roll it up and eat it. It's served during the holidays. We like to spread raspberry jam on it too. Our family has been making it for generations. Sure you can come next year! =o)

Josi said...

Love the pics and story Amber. I do look pretty darn serious. This must have been my ONE piece that I was determined not to screw up. Or, it was the one that CJ said "Wow! That is a mess!" haha
Can't wait til next year.